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Beautiful things do not need marketing. They don’t need to be sold or hawked. That much seems intrinsically true. But why then, when it is painfully easy to see beautiful, if not, “ill” “crack” or “dope” pictures or depictions of wondrous things online, do we still crave for them? Why do we scroll, click, and justify acquiring beautiful things? We know that much is beautiful in our world. And we can all claim some of it for our own without scandal or exception. Let us share some of the beauty we’ve created, uncovered and curated by you.

This site is meant to serve as a masthead, chronicling our past excursions and events. The journey has been great so far. Thanks for walking with us. It is your engagement with our ethos, designs, and products that have kept The Art of Reuse on the more ebullient side of fashion’s wonder. We are a distinct brand both hungry and humble. The bespoke atmosphere’s that drummed up excitement and fanfare since our traveling thrift store’s inception will return in a new and winning aesthetic. The forthcoming Interim experiences will (we aim) be groundbreaking initiatives to give purpose to garments and music formerly overlooked, unexplored, or out of reach.

Our love for the creative, especially in fashion, design, and music, has allowed us to build new perspectives on recycling. After all the holidays and the mirth in gifts and pleasures with loved ones, we are eager to get back to what you loved so uncritically about The Art of Ruse: the music, our taste, and the clothes. Details of our forthcoming retail effort are pending. A story continues…