How To Become An Interior Designer

Décor matters because in a house or place that you see every day you want it to be decorated with paint, symbols and other things. Décor is the furnishing and decoration of a room or place you work. when doing décor you have to take your time. Also if you making it out of a job you need to make It cost a lot of money, because decorations are not expensive. It is possible to learn so much about a person from the look of their interior spaces because décor allows homeowners to express themselves through this medium. This also makes it essential for one to know what their space could be telling guests about them in order to avoid portraying a bad image.


I don’t know much about decor, however one thing is for sure. I know that my mom is an amazing decorator. My mom has the gift of being able to make a place look like a palace. She has the magic hands if you will. My mom is a decorator. She just started a business recently with a friend where they decorate for events like parties and such. She has decorated for birthday’s and other gatherings. My mom is very classy. She decorates tables, chairs, even how she has decorated our house is tremendous. My mom’s style of decorating is like “Chateau de Versailles”. She has made everyone feel like kings and queens by her fancy decorating talent. She has also decorated our church and events for our church.


My mom should work for HGTV because she is brilliant at what she does. Decorating is a form of art. It’s a way for people to express themselves. I think my mom decorates not only because she loves it, but its her way of giving to people. Its her way of serving. Every decorator has a unique style. Some are more classy, while others are more abstract. Some people may even like just plain and simple. I think decor is something very personal to us. Decor has existed since ancient times. The Ancient Egyptians had their own unique decor, as well as the Ancient Greeks, Romans etc.


Each country also has their own style of decor. For example,  countries in the Middle East have a very mysterious yet intriguing decor at the same time. Even religions have a form of decor. When you go to a church, temple, or mosque you are witnessed with a particular style that differentiates from each other. Decor also gives us a form of identity. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for people who can decorate. The homes that I have been that have intrigued me to go inside are those that people take time to decorate extravagantly. Decor is ultimately a gift that should continue to be used for future generations.