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Home Decorating for Everyone


Very few people in the world have ever opened their eyes. They live day-to-day with their focus on the big picture of their own personal world- and they omit to truly stop and acknowledge what is around them. Decor resides everywhere around us, but is an unappreciated art that is frequently overlooked and unappreciated.


Decor is not just a style in a room, but a form of expression of culture, eras and often can be a time capsule. Decor has a way of changing a room into a unique environment, causing an impact on the people who pass through. Decor has the power to dictate a person’s emotions and mood. With an empty room as a canvas, you have the power to paint a masterpiece with colors, objects and lighting. It can be an identity for people and places around the world.


When walking into a room, or even viewing an image throughout history you can see a distinct style as well as set mood and have the ability to identify a time period simply from that. An example of this could be seeing a large room of grey stone, a red and gold trimmed carpet that trails up to a throne. The room lit by candelabras above and thresholds are arched and elaborate handmade banners proudly drape on the walls with their unique insignia. One could see this and think of kings in the Medieval times solely from the decor of the throne room. The atmosphere is indistinguishable.

Enter a room lit by a spiraling thread of lights around a pine tree that’s covered in ornaments of all shapes and sizes, some even handmade by children, along with pictures of the past. Look at the snowglobes, and the presents placed everso carefully beneath the tree. The stockings soon to be filled with goodies. The atmosphere of Christmas is unparalleled. Simply by the decor you can not only know the exact time of year, but also the holiday. Even the magic of the holiday briefly passes through your heart.

The amazing thing about decor is how it has its own fingerprint. Every style is unique just like people in the world and they can evolve into different designs. Some people feel most comfortable with simplicity, While others may have a taste for a Bohemian Decor which appears more fun and full of collections. It’s more care-free.

Decor has made a very beneficial impact in my life to not only stay creative, but also to comfort me as well as a countless amount of others all around the globe. Using color theory and soft inviting objects, Decor has made my room feel like a safe place custom for me. Decor has a way to enchant one’s heart and bring a sense of safety to those who embrace it. All they have to do is open their eyes.