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Decorating Pro Tip: Area Rugs

Area Rugs Are A Great Home Accessory

Decorating is important in my life. My lovely mother loves to keep the living room filled with furniture and the kitchen with tables. Decorations around our home make the whole house organized and unique in its’ way. Each piece has a meaning and reason behind it. Apart from the sofas and the area rugs in Cincinnati OH, my dad’s favorite sports’ team clock is located above the flat television, a dreamcatcher, wind chimes, pictures frames of our family across the living room, and my sister’s paintings hanging upon a wall. The rug is special because of its dark brown swirls and flowers around it, and it matches along with the sofas. My dad has an exclusive recliner for himself, which he uses every day before and after work. No one bothers to sit in his recliner because it’s his own. My mom has specially designed vases with flowers sitting on the countertop of the table that represent her. She is also a big lover of wind chimes, which explains why they are found inside and outside our home.

My neat room has decors of its own. I have a big wooden desk I have kept for years that I use for my homework with a black lamp to see my homework, and a nice shelf to organize my files. My walls are still covered in pink with white flowers around the four walls since I was 9-years-old. Pink is my favorite color, and I tend to match everything I can in my room with pink. I also have a couple of dreamcatchers along my wall since I was little that keeps me safe from nightmares during the night. Decorating a significant meaning in every household. My neighbors have their kind of decorations in their home that can represent their own beliefs, traditions, and likes.