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Interior Designers: What To Know

There are many, many reasons that décor is significant, but it is important to understand that décor is a part of design.  Well executed design can bring about emotions that make people feel something.  The reason that décor matters is variable as to when it is being used.  From a home owner’s standpoint, décor matters because it is what makes their home, their home.  It creates a sense of uniqueness inside the space, when the outside may look the same as every other home in sight.  From a designer’s standpoint, décor matters for another reason entirely.  For designers, décor is a tool that can be utilized in their specific form of art.  The question of why décor matters is equivocal to a question like: “Why does music matter?”.  Why it matters is dependent on the significance of the person at question.  This is not a question that can be answered holistically, with an overarching, answer; it has intricacies, details, and uniqueness. Because of this, I will try to explain the most fundamental aspects of the significance of décor, in my eyes.

In an effort to understand the significance of décor, it may prove valuable to look at a prominent professional in design, who uses décor in his daily work.  Marcel Wanders is a well-respected and affluent designer from Holland.  Wanders views design as “A tool that allows us to reach out and inspire, to touch others and help makes lives magical”.  Décor is an accessory to the larger picture of design, and as Wanders explains, design matters.  When designers are creating their masterpiece, décor is the paint on their canvas.

For homeowners, the role that décor takes on is more personal.  These are pieces that they will most likely be seeing every day of their foreseeable future, and that is significant.  Because the décor in their home is something that they will have to see and deal with so intimately, they will place immense importance on what these pieces say about themselves.  They want the home, if possible, to feel like an extension of themselves.  This will be a space in which they will live their daily lives, a space in which they will host get-togethers with their friends and space which will be filled with many, many emotions.  They want the design within their home, their décor, to be flexible to these items.  The home is where memories are formed, and the décor of the home should be memorable.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was a successful ABC television show that ended in 2012.  The Emmy Award-winning show would send a talented, and incredibly personable team of designers to the homes of families that were nominated to be on the show.  These families would be interviewed about their situation—which was typically unsuitable and incredibly unfortunate—and then they would be sent off to a beautiful resort for one week while their home underwent construction.  The show experienced the success that it did because of the emotions that it could bring out of the families.  When these families would be brought back to their homes after the week of construction was finished, they would then get to see their new homes for the first time.  This was almost always incredibly emotional to watch, and the families would be overcome with fillings of raw joy, wonder, and overwhelming happiness when they would see their new homes.  The talented designers would bring together personal details of each and every family member, to make the home their home.  Although the home was only modernized, still filled with inanimate objects; the design of the home felt powerful to the families.  The design and the décor made them feel like this new place was their home, where they belonged, altogether.

Maybe the real reason that décor matters is because people matter.  Décor holds its relevance for the reason that it is a way that we can express ourselves, our individuality, our humanness, our togetherness.  The aforementioned Marcel Wanders once said, “Design allows us to create an environment with love, live with passion, and make our most exciting dreams come true”.  Décor is the tool that brings interior design to life, and without it, our homes might feel inherently emotionless.  If the décor that is chosen makes a person feel loving, passionate, exciting, and like their dreams can come true then the décor is absolutely significant.