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Western Rugs: What To Consider When Thinking of Adding Rugs to Your Western Home

Tired of finding rugs that don’t meet the decoration needs of your home? Still can not find the right one in any of the rug galleries you go to? You have the option of using western rugs. Rugs have always been fascinating in terms of decoration. For centuries, rugs are considered a symbol of exotic luxury and have always reminded people of the distant mysterious cultures from which the art of weaving rugs with bright colors and patterns originated. Oriental and western rugs have always been a source of fascination and have been a precious commodity for centuries. Rugs are considered a symbol of exotic luxury and have always reminded people of their cultures.

Western Area Rugs Are An Easy Way To Improve Your Home Decor

Which rug would suit your home decor? What color, style, and pattern should you buy? There are certain important things to consider when you think of shopping for beautiful western rugs. Given here are certain pointers that you need to consider.

Are Finely Knotted Western Rugs Worth The Investment?
They are available in various densities that range from up to 30 knots per inch (very coarse) to 290 knots per inch (finest variety). If you want a better quality you need to buy a finely knotted rug. Also, the finely knotted carpets have a dense surface through which light can easily reflect.

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What Should You Buy Traditional or Modern?
If you love tribal, western or Persian rug designs, you should consider buying an antique rug that is intricately designed would cost you more. Also, the flaws of these carpets become evident on seeing them closely. On the other hand, modern machine made rugs have an impeccable finish. Modern rugs suit better to a contemporary style of homes.


Hand-tufted, Hand-knotted or Flat-weave
Hand-knotted carpets are the most expensive because it involves a lot of labor. Hand-woven rugs involve stenciling a pattern on the carpet backing and then threading yarns into designs. They cost less. Flat-weave is the least expensive because it involves the least amount of work.


Synthetic or Natural Dyes
Natural dyes are always better than the synthetic ones. Naturally dyed rugs are almost 30 percent more expensive. On the other hand, synthetic dyes would be a better option for people on a budget. They are available in an infinite array of shades and colors.


Machine Spun or Hand Woven
Handwoven yarn is preferred more because when the yarn is woven by hand it absorbs more dye when it is spun loosely and a lesser amount when tightly. This way, a pleasant colorful rug is presented.


Can Quality be judged by Height of the Pile?
If you are a first-time buyer, you tend to make such mistake. Thick pile does not mean high quality. The finest rugs are the thinnest ones. If you plan to put the carpet where it would attract the maximum traffic then it should have plenty of mass.


In short, buying a carpet for your home is not an easy task. A lot of varieties are available in the market and you tend to get overwhelmed. Apart from the above-mentioned things, consider buying a carpet that blends well with the decor of your rooms.